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Black Out Drunk

May 2012

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The Save Icon

  This was an epiphany tonight.

Feb 2011

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Too Much Coffee

Jan 2011

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Kate Says Moderates Died in the 80s

Kate: Didn’t all moderates die out in the 80′s? scientists are trying to resurrect them with DNA extracted from mosquitoes, but they’re not hopeful.

Oct 2009

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Traffic School High Jinx

Stuck at traffic school with Melissa Miller

Mar 2009

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In reality my BAC wasn’t too bad… Kelly’s was a bit over the limit. We played Apples to Apples and had a pretty good time …

Mar 2009

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logo_2013IHeartEddie.com was created to compliment my blog. After 8 Years of LiveJournal, I decided it was time to start anew. The comics were done with lined paper and a Sharpee. I then scanned the document, cropped it in Photoshop and edited as I saw fit. Usually the post would follow some sort of LiveJournal post. The process seemed so simple, but would take nearly an hour or so per comic.

One day my scanner broke and then there were no comics for awhile. I ended up piecing together comics and making up stories using good old Photoshop and borrowing ideas from friends. Google Images was a good friend of mine during this dry period. The comics eventually stopped as I ran out of time to do them.

A miraculous thing occurred. I was enlightened by teaching this past summer. I was teaching, among many other things, Macromedia/Adobe Flash. I’d decided that my comics were poorly drawn anyway, so I should just keep drawing, but using my PC instead of by hand.

Fall 2007 I decided to revamp the website and start fresh. Of course I’ll be trying to archive my comics as I go along. There were about 2 years worth of comics after all.

In 2013, I revamped the site again, and now I’m drawing with my iPad.

Please enjoy them. Make fun of them. As long as people are killing time with them, I feel accomplished.